Take Imperfect Action

One of the greatest things holding back the small business and farmers’ market sectors is the sheer number of amazing people with fantastic ideas who don’t trust themselves enough to take a step. People who are so hungry for ‘perfection’ that they don’t take a bite out of ‘starting’.imperfectaction

Many entrepreneurs are paralyzed by the mistaken idea that something needs to be perfect in order to be launched or started. The truth is that imperfect action leads to success and ‘perfect’ is just an excuse that keeps you in limbo. It is only by doing, being willing, taking action, and making things happen that you can get feedback, refine your systems, and create your best product or service in the long run.

Just start. Just do it. Always think of “business” as a verb, not a noun. Don’t over-think, don’t over-analyze, don’t wait. You can’t know everything until you are actually doing something. You can’t get good or great at something that you are only thinking about or planning.

The best learning in a business takes place once you finally put your product or service out into the world and start getting feedback about what’s working and what isn’t. You can never plan for every eventuality, you can never be all things to all people, and you can never know how consumers will act until they face the actual decision to take out their wallets for you. Do they or don’t they? Without that final test, you are always just guessing at how the marketplace will respond to your goods or service.

Get your ideas out of your head and into the world, without overinvesting at start-up and without overanalyzing before you launch. Get started and refine what you are doing as you pick up speed. Take imperfect action.

There is a time in every business for perfectionism. It’s with your systems, your customer service, your commitment to quality. But you need to get out of the gate, and you can’t let perfectionism of product or process or marketing hold you back. You will never get to enjoy your ‘perfect’ gift to the world if you are always waiting to make it ‘just so’. Action is based on the verb ‘act’. Train yourself to take imperfect action over and over again as you build a business. The willingness to take any action at all right now will always trump sitting around dreaming of the perfect action you will take at some point in the future.