Forever Forward Program

A personal development course for people who love to explore the whispers of their heart and the calling of their soul

Forever Forward Program

  • Do you have a dream inside of you that has wanted to come out – maybe for a long time?
  • Do you hunger for clarity about what you are here to do in this lifetime and how best to express your natural gifts?
  • Do you ever worry about your health, your marriage, your job, or your finances?
  • Do you want to start or grow a relationship? A small business? A family? A new job? More free time? A schedule that works for you? Want to know how?
  • Are you ready for people and ideas that will motivate and challenge you?
  • Do you enjoy creative brainstorming, thinking about your future, making plans, mapping out your ideas, and feeling inspired?
We are Michelle and Al Wolf and this is our beautiful, life-changing course called the “Forever Forward Program”.
Life Coaching

Michelle and Al Wolf

We have built a life coaching practice together founded on the abiding belief that everyone can find deep joy by living according to the callings of their own heart and soul. We designed this course to help you reveal, honor and fearlessly step into that unique-to-you life!

In the Forever Forward Program, we delve into the most important areas of people’s lives – health, relationships, love, career/vocation, money, time and personal freedom.

For four months, on your own or in a group of peers (your choice), we’ll help you explore what’s in your head and heart in terms of these important topics. You will finish with a clearly articulated template of your ideal life, and a deep understanding of what it could take to get there.

You receive 13 packages of teaching and training materials, supplemented with guided questions and action worksheets to support your learning. These arrive by email to the comfort of your own home, where you can work on the material in your own way, at your own pace.

You also receive a powerful, game-changing 60 minute private coaching phone call during the program, where we offer personal feedback, guidance, ideas and the confidential space to speak your dreams and longings out loud to someone who will really hear and support you.

There is a private closed Facebook group for all of our clients and program participants — you get to be a member of that group!

Finally, there is an extra private coaching call bonus we offer our Forever Forward Program participants — we’ll tell you what it is once you have joined us.

  • Powerful, life-changing reading and training materials
  • Personal accountability
  • Support from a personal coach
  • Emphasis on self-care, authenticity and conscious living
  • Inspirational and transformational
  • A kindred on-line community
  • A program for everyone!

If you feel drawn to looking inside to see what your soul is whispering, don’t put it off. Time is a precious thing and life’s best moments wait for no one. Be part of something wonderful and join us today. Your very own well-being is calling you here.

The entire program is priced at just $197. Wow! xo

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