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Business Coaching by Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf — CEO and Founder of Whole Green Heart.

A lot of my favorite people are entrepreneurs and small business owners!

I love to talk about business, hear stories about other people’s businesses, speak at business events, poke around in independent stores and shop at farmers’ markets.

I also love to read stories and memoirs by famous and little-known business owners, and strategize with my business clients to get them inspired and stepping up.

I have been an entrepreneur myself for over 24 years — I founded my first tiny business at the tender age of 23 and sold it as a profitable company 21 years later!

I also have a career as a business trainer and have worked with over 250 business owners through private coaching and the government-funded training programs I deliver.

This deep immersion in business life has led me to become an expert not just on business systems, organization, marketing, planning, and goal-setting, but also on how to live successfully as an entrepreneur, balancing my relationship, motherhood, community involvement and self-care at the same time. This is my greatest accomplishment — a full and successful life with many moving but complimentary parts — and I have many strategies to share with you around both the business and the personal side of success.

Remember, there are a lot of so-called experts out there who claim to be business coaches but who are not, themselves, successful business owners.

My clients know that I’m the ‘real deal’, someone who grew a profitable herbal products business from the ground up, and now owns a thriving coaching and consulting company. I can get your business and your life working with systems, processes and transformational vision. If you are ready to up-level your life and business, a key relationship with a qualified coach who’s been where you are today can make all the difference.

A happy CEO is vital to your business success

Success is incredibly personal. What success looks like in each person’s life will be different, based on your values, your goals, your family and your priorities. But however you define success, having a business that allows you to create the life you really want to be living is the key to business longevity and financial sustainability.

The economy of the 21st century is perfect for entrepreneurship, and resources are abundant. But information alone is not power. Having someone to talk to about your business is fun, inspiring, and often very transformative.

Click Here to download a copy of my Business Coaching brochure, complete with details for each of the programs listed below.

I offer one-on-one, business coaching by phone:

Clients love how much information, clarity and inspiration they can get in a dynamic, focused hour! $125 per call, including pre-call worksheet and recording.

I offer the following immersive programs:

  • One-month Business Building $395
  • Six-month Business Development $1795

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