Meet Michelle Wolf

“Hi. Thanks for being here.”

Whole Green Heart, Michelle Wolf

Whole Green Heart Founder, Michelle Wolf

I founded a tiny herbal products business in 1992 and sold it twenty years later as a profitable, successful company. I am an entrepreneur.

I started my career in community development after completing my master’s degree in 1995. I have worked as a contractor and consultant in this field ever since. I am a community developer.

I moved to rural Nova Scotia in 1996. I am a homesteader and lover of organic gardening, whole foods cooking, the natural world, and our little flock of free-range chickens.

I began helping shape and develop the farmers’ market sector in Canada in 1997, becoming a market manager, leader, trainer, author, and on-line program developer in the years since them. I am a farmers’ market expert and champion.

I adopted two children with special needs in 2006. I am a mom.

I started working in adult education in 2011, teaching business owners, organizations, and people on their own personal development journeys how to grow and prosper. I am a trainer and mentor.

I became a certified life coach in 2013.

I married my dreamy husband in 2014, and we share five children and a little beagle. We also open our home to foster children and other kids who need a safe place to land. I am a post-adoption support mentor to other adoptive parents. My family life is rich and deeply rewarding. My marriage is my shelter. The principles we teach in our life coaching program have given me a blessed life indeed.

Here’s what I’m currently up to in my working life:

~ I am on a mission to inspire other people and the organizations they are passionate about to be the best they can be! What people care about matters so much to the world. We need to do what we do with intention and care and skillfulness. How I help is customized and catered to each person and each organization I work with. The common denominator is always about inspiration and reaching up to grab your best work and best life ever. I help people to consider how their work and their lives can make the most powerful, positive difference in the world.

~ I have now coached and trained over 300 business owners and organizational leaders in my intensive 40-hour training programs, spoken at dozens of conferences and events, worked with a wide range of private business clients from all sectors, helped develop dozens of farmers’ markets across North America, facilitated large-group sessions for a number of key clients, helped boards of directors find the confidence they need to lead more effectively, and had close to 100 individuals participate in our on-line and home-study programs.

I hope you are next! Contact me today. My Home Page showcases all the ways we can work together.


Meet Al Wolf

Al and Michelle Wolf

Lucky me! I get to co-facilitator of our Forever Forward Program with Michelle.

After my 22-year career was cut short by a large company closure, I was left feeling frightened, unsure, and financially vulnerable. This was a difficult period in my life. However, I also knew deep down that I could reframe this experience as a blessing, an opportunity to follow my passion for coaching and helping other people. I became a certified life coach and helped create the Forever Forward program with Michelle. Now, I work for a community non-profit organization as a support person for adults with intellectual disabilities.


Michelle and Al Wolf

Together, we are running a busy company and household, raising our five children while maintaining family connections in Canada and the US. We are also respite foster parents for children in care. For fun and pleasure we cycle, hike, garden, bowl, travel, watch sports, tackle home renovations projects, and enjoy quiet walks in the woods. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for more updates on our business and family adventures!