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Inspiration for Life, Entrepreneurship, and Farmers’ Markets

Michelle Wolf

I’m Michelle Wolf. I’m a long-time herbal company CEO, trainer to other entrepreneurs, workshop facilitator, farmers’ market expert, writer, certified coach, and public speaker. Coaching is my specialty and training is my passion.

My products and services are all designed to lead people and organizations through inspirational and transformational journeys in their lives and businesses. Through individual coaching, workshops, speaking, live training programs, and on-line courses, I have a range of options to get your life and business organized and optimized. Oh, and I also help build farmers’ markets all around North America!

I have spent over twenty years working in the farmers’ market and community development sectors, after getting psychology and environmental studies degrees. From this wide-angle lens on human nature, I have seen that most of us are ultimately searching for the same things. People want to feel healthy and vibrant. Entrepreneurs want their businesses to make money while still giving them time with their families. Leaders want their teams to feel valued and empowered. Farmers’ market managers want their vendors to be successful. People want personal relationships that work and where they feel safe, loved, and supported. Everyone wants freedom, to make enough money, and to make some kind of meaningful difference in the world.

Here’s how I help:

1. Farmers’ Markets
  • I help people making, growing and selling products in the farmers’ market sector to hone their business skills and create sustainable, profitable, inspiring businesses. I ran a farm-based herbal products company for 20+ years and sold at farmers’ markets for 18 years. I am also a former award-winning farmers’ market manager, and the current Director of Training for Farmers’ Market of Nova Scotia. I teach business and leadership workshops all over North America at farmers’ market, direct marketing, and organic agriculture conferences. I am considered one of Canada’s leading experts on the farmers’ market sector, and have personally taught over 250 vendors and market managers in my intensive 40-hour training programs and as private clients.
  • I have built a totally unique home-study program for people running farmers’ market-based businesses. Go here to find out more.
  • I work with farmers’ market managers and management teams to start, grow, and promote sustainable farmers’ markets.
  • I offer 3-hour or day-long farmers’ market Board governance workshops. I also lead farmers’ market and non-profit organizations through strategic planning and board review processes.
  • Contact me by email to discuss a workshop or presentation for your farmers’ market, business, or conference.
2. Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • I help entrepreneurs who are struggling to find their life purpose, grow a business, or step into their personal or professional power. Coaching is a relationship, and out of relationships come our biggest lessons and our boldest growth. The right people can change your life and it’s outcomes. My coaching clients are entrepreneurs and leaders, all of whom are also balancing family and community obligations. These are passionate, committed folks trying to do great things in the world. See what some of my clients are saying. Like many self-made women, I teach and coach from my own life experience, passionate about ensuring that other women and business owners find their true voice and vocation.
  • I have one hour, one month, and one year options available. It can be a total game-changer for your life. Go to this page to find details.
3. Personal Development
  • I help individuals who love to learn and stretch, to step into the life choices and personal freedom they long for. I offer workshops, retreats, private VIP days, and a beautiful on-line program.
  • Here is the wildly-successful Forever Forward Program that I co-facilitate with my inspiring (and dreamy) husband.

My hope for each person is to be full of vitality, your business thriving, your life joyful, your passions expressed, the people around you inspired by who you are and what you do in the world.

Reach out today. Whether you want your business to become more profitable and rewarding, your organization to be better trained, your event to have a new guest speaker, your farmers’ market to be more sustainable and vibrant, your board of directors to function more cohesively, your life to be more inspiring, your relationships to be healthier, or you simply love the ‘vibe’ we have going on here, I’d absolutely love to hear from you. Results matter because this one precious life ticks by relentlessly. Get inspired today!

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